Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Ferrari F40 you've been dreaming about is now for sale!

The iconic Ferrari F40, one of the last true sports cars. The rawness of this car captivated enthusiasts and Ferrari owners alike in 1987. Many still argue that it's the best and most sought-after supercar built to date. Aside from the Lamborghini Countach, the F40 was the most common car to appear on the bedroom walls of aspiring supercar owners.

As the successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO, it was designed to celebrate Ferrari's 40th anniversary and was the last Ferrari automobile personally approved by the great Enzo Ferrari. At the time it was the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car that Ferrari sold to the public.

With 1,311 Ferrari F40s produced in its nine-year run, it's rare to even see one, let alone have the opportunity to buy one.

This special F40, titled and specced for the U.S. market, was brought into Canada by ZR Auto's own Zahir Rana in 1997. The one-owner red beauty, a 1992 model, was one of the last F40s built, making it one of the most mechanically-sound and sought-after models.

From the outside, this incredible Ferrari F40 is distinguishable from the standard American-spec model. With its Euro-spec front-end conversion, magnesium speed line 18” wheels and Michelotto LM-spec rear wing, it certainly stands out from the crowd. Aside from these features, this F40 remains factory pristine.

On the performance side, this F40 has been upgraded to LM-spec by Edo Competition, pushing out nearly 545 hp and 465 lb ft of torque at 29 psi.

Mechanical upgrades include a 2936 cc Twin Turbo 32 valve courtesy of LM-Spec IHI turbos (by Ferrari Motorsports), mapped for 29 psi.

A high-flow stainless Tubi exhaust system, upgraded Tial wastegates and blow-off valves, dry sumped lubrication system,Weber-Marelli upgraded injectors and Tubi exhaust round off the F40's impressive performance package.

On the inside, this rare Ferrari comes with LM-spec seats, complimenting the factory interior.

Sitting on the lightweight Speedline wheels are Hoosier R6 R-compound tires, measuring 13” x 18” 335/30zr18 on the rear and 9“ x18” 245/35 zr18 on the front. 

Providing the stopping power for this road-hungry machine are massive four-piston Brembo vented & cross-drilled brake rotors, measuring 355mm on the front and 355mm on the rear.

 With an asking price of $1.295 Million USD, this one-owner Ferrari F40 is certainly well-priced for the market. With only 15,400 miles on the odometer and an active title, this F40 is certain to impress its next owner.

Also included with the car are the stock 17” Ferrari wheels along with another set of 17" HRE wheels.

The Ferrari F40 has been kept in a heated showroom and has been meticulously serviced since day 1. All service records are available. It had a brand new clutch installed recently, with zero miles on it. This car is absolutely perfect, and ready to go. The car is cleared for worldwide sale, and can be registered anywhere in the world.

Interested parties are asked to contact ZR Auto at

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) at ZR Auto

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a new service we're offering at ZR Auto. We've had so many requests over the years that we've decided to do the PDR process in-house to get rid of those nasty dents.

Let's face it, nobody is safe from dents. It's an unfortunate reality, but we have to deal with it. Parking lots, shopping carts, hail, rock kickback from that semi truck you're trying to pass, there's infitite ways that dent or ding could have happened, but there's one place you're guaranteed to have the dent removed right. There's various ways to remove dents, but we prefer to use Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) because it's the most effective and most economical method for getting your car dent free!

Our trained PDR team can take care of your dents and make your paint smooth once again. PDR uses a process that doesn't involve repainting your car or doing any procedures to hide the imperfections. We simply pull out the dents and give you that clean, flush look once again.

The extent to which the PDR will be effective depends on multiple factors: if the metal has been stretched by the damage, the cuvature or flatness where the damage occurred and the intensity of the impact.

Generally speaking, the shallower the dent, the greater the likelihood of paintless dent repair being a suitable option. Even dents several inches in diameter can be repaired by this method as long as the metal and paint are not stretched. Our experienced technicians can repair shallow, large or crease dents.

Come by ZR Auto and allow us to inspect your damage to see if PDR is right for you.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

ECU Tuning at ZR Auto

ECU Tuning might seem like a very basic concept when it comes to modifying cars, but the reality is that an ECU tune is the most cost-effective and efficient way to get maximum power out of your car. Plus we're not technically even adding any expensive hardware to your car. It's all in the ECU map and maximizing the efficiency and settings of your engine.

So why should you consider getting an ECU tune you ask? In less than a few hours, we can tune your car's ECU to produce more power and torque, improve fuel economy, maximize fuel/air ratios and much more.

Did you know that a naturally aspirated engine can normally produce 30-50 hp more from an ECU tune alone?

With our partners, ECU Tuning Group, we can get you impressive proven results that won't break your budget and won't jeopardize your car's mechanical stability. ECU Tuning Group is one of the pioneers of ECU Tuning and supplies software to the likes of RennTech and other high-end tuning brands.

A turbocharged or supercharged car can see up to a 150 hp gain from a simple tune, and we're not even adding any performance parts.

ZR Auto carries software maps for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Volkswagen and more!

Check out our ECU Tuning section on to see our entire price list and makes/models we service.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe gets some custom upgrades.

What do you get when you cross a brand new Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe with some tasteful mods? You get an absolutely beautiful machine.

A customer from Edmonton brought us his brand new S63 AMG and told us to make it unique, and we did just that.

We began by blacking out all the trim pieces, grille and emblems. We then tinted the windows dark black to give the car a sinister look. Taillight and headlight tinting gave the car some distinct personality. Some black vinyl accents on the car give it some more unique touches.

Next we added an AL Priority radar jammer set to the Mercedes, as well as an Escort radar detector.

Finally we gave this beauty a set of 22" Vossen concave wheels in gunmetal grey to make it a one-of-a-kind street machine.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lexani Forged Ferrari 458 Spider‏

There's no question that the right set of wheels is the difference between setting your ride apart from the generic, boring crowd.

Our partners at Lexani Wheels have put together the perfect package on this Ferrari 458 Spider. Custom-painted LS-105 wheel,s 21x9” on the front and 22x12” on the rear, give this prancing horse plenty of flare. With custom carbon fibre accents inside and out, the wheels add to this crazy look!

We're all about performance and style, so naturally we approve! ZR Auto is a vendor of Lexani Forged Wheels. We can custom-order and install any wheels from the Lexani catalogue to transform your ride into something truly unique!

Monday, 24 August 2015

R8-Rated Sound At the Push of Button!‏

Enjoy all the benefits of Fabspeed's world-renowned Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System, now available with more power and sound at the push of a button! Maximum gains of over 24whp and 18 ft/lbs of torque with full V10 exhaust sound!

Fully-controllable Valvetronic catback exhaust system includes a quad-resonated center x-pipe section which controls exhaust volume while the valves are closed. When the valves are opened, the exhaust exits straight out through the dump pipes for maximum sound and power.

Fabspeed's Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust for the Audi R8 V10 offers...
  • Significant Real-World Power Gains

Quantifiable horsepower and torque improvements that you can actually feel all the way from 3000 RPM up through 8000 RPM.  With gains of over 24 whp and 18 ft/lbs of torque at 7000 RPM, the Fabspeed Supersport gives the R8 V10 the power that it deserves.

  • Lightweight Design & Construction

Weighting in at only 43 lbs, the Fabspeed Valvetronic Supersport saves you 38 lbs vs. the factory muffler.  This equates to a significant reduction in exhaust weight, lightening the rear of the vehicle and improving acceleration and handling.

  • Sound Control At Your Fingertips

The Fabspeed Valvetronic Supersport gives you full control over the tone and volume of the exhaust simply by selecting Open or Close on the included keyfob remotes.  Set the valves to the Closed mode and enjoy a sophisticated exhaust note which still turns heads without waking up the rest of the county.  Switch into Open mode, and revel in a full-out assault on the senses as the ferocious V10 screams straight out of the 70mm bypass pipes.

  • Premium Materials & Craftsmanship

Fabspeed has been a leader in premium stainless steel performance exhaust systems for over 20 years, and the R8 V10 Valvetronic Supersport Exhaust is no exception.  Crafted from polished T304L stainless steel and beautifully TIG welded for a show-quality finish, the Fabspeed Valvetronic Supersport Exhaust is a piece that you'll want to show off for years to come.

  • Industry Leading Support

As with all Fabspeed performance products, the R8 V10 Supersport System is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Fabspeed's experienced techs and engineers are standing by to assist with any comments or concerns.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Alpina B7 gets some serious new power!

 This Alpina B7 came to us with a thirst for more power, and that's exactly what we gave it! Ninety horsepower more to be exact!

With a set of high-flow downpipes installed and an ECU tune from ECU Tuning Group, this wicked white Alpina is ready to hit higher speeds and produce even more smiles per hour!

Check out some shots of this incredible machine on ADV.1 wheels outside the ZR Auto showroom. For all your performance needs, make ZR Auto your #1 choice! Visit for all the info you need!