Monday, 27 April 2015

Lamborghini Gallardo Out of Province Inspection

 When importing a car from other Provinces or from out of the country, one thing to keep in mind is that the car needs to have an Out of Province (OOP) inspection completed before the car can be deemed road legal in Alberta.

One of the services ZR Auto offers is Out of Province inspections. As a licensed inspection facility, ZR Auto's mechanics can verify that your car meet's Alberta's road safety standards. If your car doesn't meet Alberta's regulations, that's no issue. With access to the right parts and distribution centres, we can get your car up to Alberta standard and out onto our beautiful roads in no time!

 This Lamborghini Gallardo came in from Ontario for an Out of Province inspection before being unleashed onto Alberta's roadways. Most of the time the cars don't need much work done. The most common points to note are: seatbelts, third brake lights, daytime running lights and cabin safety components.

It doesn't matter if you buy a Lamborghini or an Infiniti, we'll help you get your car Alberta certified!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Photos from Gran Turismo Spa 2015

Our Ferrari Enzo ZXX is currently in the care of Edo Competition in Ahlen, Germany, for some mechanical upgrades. Before taking out the old motor and installing a brand new one, Edo Karabegovic took our car to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium for the Gran Turismo 2015 supercar event.

Yes, he drove the ZXX like a mad-man, and yes, we condoned it. Check out some of the photos of our ZXX along with another sweet Edo Competition ride, a 458 Speciale, being tracked before receiving some modifications.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ferrari ZXX does epic doughnuts at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium

No doubt you've been seeing photos and videos of our Ferrari Enzo ZXX surfacing on the internet over the past few days. The car was shipped to Ahlen, Germany, a few months ago for some special modifications.

Edo Competition owner, Edo Karabegovic, took our ZXX to the Gran Turismo Spa event in Belgium to baseline test the car's current settings before installing some new performance parts.

The event, held at the Spa-Francorchamps race track, that many say is the best in the world, allows the best supercars in the world to have free-reign of the track for two full days. Our ZXX was right at home.

Apparently our ZXX is too loud for the Spa-Francorchamps, so it was promptly kicked off the track. This isn't the first time our flagship car has been forced off a famous raceway due to noise violations.

The noise bylaws don't apply to the access roads and parking lots, so Edo took the opportunity to do a few smokey doughnuts in the ZXX before returning the car back to his shop in Ahlen.

A few people have asked us if we're okay with the hooning of our beloved ZXX. If there's one man we trust with the car, it's Edo Karabegovic, the man responsible for the car's creation. 

The car is undergoing some pretty major changes over the next few weeks, so be ready for a beastly new animal to be born. The changes are all mechanical, so the ZXX will look the same upon its return. But it might have some new bragging rights! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Maserati Quattroporte ECU Tuning Group tune

The owner of this Maserati Quattroporte came to us wanting more horsepower. What's the most effective way of squeezing out more power without altering the motor itself? An ECU tune of course!

As the Alberta-exclusive ECU Tuning Group dealer, we've got the top ECU tuning software in the industry.

 After hooking up our tuning module and mapping out the ECU, we were able to squeeze a whopping 70hp more into this V6 Quattoporte's motor.

The Quattroporte V6 Q4 normally produces 404hp from its twin turbo 3.0 liter V6. With our new ECU tune, this Maserati now pushes out 474hp, something the owner will be very happy about.

ECU tuning is a simple process that involves remapping the car's computer to create the optimal settings for that particular motor.

Are you interested in an ECU tune from ZR Auto and ECU Tuning Group? Let's get in touch!

More new Exhaust Systems than ever before!

Since 1973 the QuickSilver Team have provided exhaust systems for the world's finest cars, with a range that encompasses classic, prestige and exotic sports cars. Their ISO 9001 quality certification is the global benchmark for quality control.

QuickSilver produce superior exhaust systems to increase performance & durability, improve appearance, enhance sound and reduce weight, saving up to 40 kgs against an OEM equivalent.

With a wide range of materials, stainless steel, titanium & inconel, QuickSilver provide an appropriate solution for both the road and track!

This year QuickSilver has already successfully developed new sport exhaust systems for marque brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mini and Jaguar and now we are currently designing sport systems for Lexus, Morgan, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes AMG, Porsche and Audi.

For all your QuickSilver exhaust needs, ZR Auto has you covered. Let's get in touch and give you the sound and performance you've always dreamed of!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

ZR Auto's SoCal Tour 2015: The drive of a lifetime!

 Our Southern California adventure continues! Over the past few days, our ZR Auto crew from B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan has traveled from Palm Springs to San Diego, then on to Beverly Hills, onward to Santa Barbara, and finally Las Vegas!

We've had a blast on our adventure and look forward to the next one. Joining our gold ZR Auto Lamborghini Diablo on this trip were: a Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, Ferrari 458 Spider, Porsche 911 Edition 918 Spyder and Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo.

 The journey has been great, the roads incredible and the camaraderie as good as it gets! We've got a top-notch crew in Las Vegas right now and we wouldn't trade our friends for anything!

For many performance shops, customers and just customers, but to us they're family. Check out some photos from our incredible SoCal adventure!