Saturday, 7 March 2015

There's a New Bad Bull on the Block!

This Heffner twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo has a lot of history with ZR Auto. We've been working with the owner for years to give him the ultimate twin turbo Gallardo.

The car currently boasts 1500 hp and wears a special IMSA widebody kit, custom-painted IMSA centre-lock wheels and a completely custom IMSA exhaust. It's in incredible car, but the owner wanted a visual refresh.

The car used to wear carbon fibre accents and stripes on its orange paint, but we were handed the keys a few months ago to go over the car mechanically and prepare it for Spring. Then we began talking about a new wrap.

After some careful attention to detail, we've now unleashed the ultimate bad bull on the streets!

This Gallardo hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, and we guarantee that Saskatchewan has never seen anything like this before!

Check out the photos of this wicked Gallardo below:

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