Friday, 9 January 2015

A New Look For Our Mercedes CLS 55 AMG

Here at ZR Auto, we're always trying to create the most extreme, eye-catching performance cars on the planet. We've had our Kleeman-powered 640hp Mercedes-Banz CLS 55 AMG for a few years now and have gotten tired of its old look. Now that 2015 has rolled in, it's time for something different.
We gave our friends at Prior Design a call and ordered a special widebody kit for our already unique Mercedes. The old body panels have come off and the kit has arrived. Now it's time to change the look of the car with a more aggressive front bumper, rear bumper, fender louvers, side skirts and hood insert. 

When this car is done, it's going to be a one-of-a-kind, something we strive for with all of our builds.
Next we're going to wrap the CLS 55 AMG in a brand new look. It's going to be something truly special. Stay tuned for more information as we bring you progress on this build.
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