Friday, 30 January 2015

G-Power BMW M3 Awarded 2nd Place at AUTOBILD Readers' Choice

We're happy to announce that one of our vendors, G-Power, who specialize in all things BMW, recently had their supercharged M3 V8 SK II CS awarded second place in the readers' choice category at the recent AUTOBILD awards event.

After the supercharged Coupe has gained the world record for the fastest BMW M3 V8 on the planet, with a top speed of 337,4 km/h, there is another trophy waiting for this awesome 610 hp strong Coupe.

The deep impact the outstanding performance of this Power-Coupe has made on the BMW community has been echoed from the result of the readers’ choice 2014 from AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS in a quite impressive way.

Despite the fact that BMW has decided to end the production of the legendary M3 in late 2013, the readers of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS have currently voted the G-POWER BMW M3 with the legendary high-revving V8 for the second-best car in its category: “Tuning/Coupes!”

For those power-hungry BMW drivers out there, the G-POWER M3 Supercharger system SK II CS increases the stock power output from 420 hp to 610 hp, a 190 hp difference!

Since we're one of G-Power's Certified Canadian suppliers, the supercharger system can be professionally installed on your M3 right here at ZR Auto.

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