Friday, 9 January 2015

VF Engineering Audi R8 Gets A New Look

It's 2015 and big projects are on the horizon! We recently had this 2010 Audi R8 V10 at the shop for a VF Engineering supercharger upgrade. Now it's back to get some visual modifications to give it that aggressive look to match its new high performance output.

Before we installed the supercharger, the R8 was already outfitted with a Capristo valved exhaust system, ADV.1 wheels, lowering module and a Stasis ECU tune. We've since beefed up the performance output to 800hp to the crank with the VF Engineering supercharger, intercooler and ECU software upgrades.

After taking his new monster for a drive, the owner decided he wanted the car to look the part. Using our high-quality Suntek matte paint protection film, we wrapped the entire car, giving it that extra sinister finish. Next we added gloss stripes from the nose to the tail to give it some added flare.

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