Monday, 12 January 2015

Where in the World is the Ferrari ZXX?

Where is the Ferrari ZXX you might ask? Clearly it's not in the showroom or the shop. It's not even in Calgary, or Canada for that matter. Right now the world's only street legal Ferrari FXX is in Ahlen, Germany, under the care of Edo Competition.

The car is currently having some work done by our good friend Edo Karabegovic and his team to make the ZXX more of a street-friendly machine. It's not getting any power upgrades this time around. The focus of the car's visit to its creators is to refine the suspension and handling components so the car can be driven more comfortably in 2015. Believe us, it's going to be driven!

The car has been at Edo Competition's headquarters for the better part of two months so far and will remain there for a while longer before it returns back home to ZR Auto. For now though, it's in good company!

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