Thursday, 29 January 2015

Insanely Loud Aston Martin DB9 with Quicksilver Sport Exhaust!

Our team just finished up with the installation of a stainless steel Quicksilver Sport Exhaust system on an Aston Martin DB9. The symphony the car now produces is incredible!

In addition to the installation of the sport exhaust unit, we also did a secondary catalytic converter delete, replacing the old parts with secondary cat replacement (straight) pipes.

This gave the V12 Aston Martin the much needed roar it deserves. There's no mistaking this Aston's presence with its new exhaust setup.

With a total weight reduction of 12.2 kg and an improved throttle response, this DB9 is already making more power, but this owner wanted more! With an ECU tune completed, this British beast has seen an 80 hp increase over stock!

Check out the incredible sounds of this Aston Martin DB9 here! Be sure to turn up the volume!

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